Prepare To Live

Section 25

Refrain 1:
A time to taste the fruit. . . .
The jewels twinkle in your hand
You stand still and gaze,
Almost hypnotised.

Who knows where it's going?
Who knows where it's been?
It's your lonely purpose,
Or so it seems, or so it seems.

(refrain 1)

Don't look don't look back,
It's there in playback,
You won't draw drawback
When it comes, when it comes...

You'll stand still and gaze
At the jewels right in your hand,
Or will you understand
If it doesn't go as planned.

Clarity is no actors,
Fact is you are here,
Wanting pictures and flowers
Always will, you always will..

Always, always will,(2x)
Always, always will,
Always will,
Always, always,

Walking down the corridor,
Looking at the doors,
Opening doors on the eleventh floor,
There must be more, there must be more,

You'll stand
still and gaze...

Don't look, don't look back, (3x)
Don't look back, don't look back....
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