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Zombies rise, take their fill, burning with the need to
Hunger drives them on to homicide
Bloodlust burns in their eyes, eagerly consuming
They must destroy, for what else is their life?

Try and convince yourself that you are not like them
Sleepwalking through your life in a kind of living
Brainwashed, drooling, obsessed with the gratification
of your own lust
Flocking to consume the object you need, the object
dictated by your endless must

See them rush to consume, blindly grasping out for
Helplessly enslaved by basic drives
Cannibals, murdering, unreasoning brutality
These hordes of braindead killers will destroy all

Television, mobile homes, all these things we need to
Lust and greed becomes our way of life
Mindlessly consuming more, our hearts are rotten to
the core
The human race is getting to be zombified

We're zombified!
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