Build High, Tear Low


giving me some time and you'll make me hate, 'cos you are a person of this day,
nuild high, tear low,
have you seen the pictures of the massive grave, have you ever wondered what its like to be saved?
you may not let go,
holding in his room and he's with my note, i thought he'd like the images of me on his boat,
"now smith" he said, "now you're not dead but you're going down, this song cannot be written unless I am around"
you were from an evening gone, i want more to come,
You were from an evening light, i wanna be the night,
fathers in the mirror make me feel unloved,
i'm walking round the city with my face in a glove,
the trees are gone we've all been bombed by $$$ and £££,
it's a lovely place for a slaughterhouse and children's playgrounds
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