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The Chevalier


When silence comes
And i focus all on the inside
I take a look into my past
Full of wrongs, full of rights,
The story of my life

So many different places,
Enjoyed so many nights, i danced with chances
I made my way
Until this present day

You are one i'd give my life for
You are the one who is haunting my dreams
Oh how i long to be yours for evermore
For all time our love shall be prime

I still see you dancing …

That night in that shiny hall
The same old boring gentry, then you caught my eyes
You played your game, used all your sweetest words
I was entertained, but tell me are they true …

… things they say about you
A mason and a spy, he knows all beds,
Escaped the 'leads'
Oh chevalier tell me another lie


Hold me
How can i ?
A game
… like all your gambles?
The only
… until this day is gone?
Hold me
How can i ?
A game
… like all your gambles?
What can i do to change your mind

I'll make this vow tonight

I see all lights are low
Show me i have to go
Venice can ease all my pain
Will do so once again

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