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Don't Say You're Sad Man

Serginho Martinelli

Don't Say You're Sad Man

Dont say you're sad man...(4x)
If you wanna dance, U can't sleep at night, you know, you can't be here - 'cause you say: "no one else can make me feel - as lonely as i do"
If you wanna stay to make your dreams come true, and on and on again, U can't say no no... no no...

Don't get me wrong, you should follow Your dreams, and finding your reasons you'd know where they are
Don't sleep 'cause your chances will make your dreams rise, another dance, another day....

Dont say you're sad man... (oh no) (no no no...) Dont say you're sad man... (no no no) (no no no no...)
If you stay right there (don't say you´re sad man) I'll make you see, and want it, and make it foreveeeeer ...huu...ohoho

If you want a chance to play, if you really want to stay, you don´t have say the truth, 'cause you´ll never find the right words to say
if you wanna changes, if you wanna break it, no one else will save you, You're the one who has strength

You can make it higher, You make it fly yeah... You dont need the truth, 'cause truth is unreal
I know, you wanna feel the rhythm, I know you wanna feel the beat, If you dont wanna stay right here, you should tell then why...y...y...y...

Y'all Come on... Y'all Come on... you just say that you will never trust, 'cause you never seen the real trust, and everytime in your life
you could ride the way, couldn't find the place, And you hide your soul and this is not the reason, and so... there's a place you can go but,
everywhere you try to go, you're always lost 'cause you are a shit, you never thought you were stuck in the past
You never thought you were the best until you feel it in your life , you never thought talking'bout every possibility to make
your dreams come true, but you never forget, and where's your dream, and you´re not so tough - cause you are a piece of SHIT!!!
you are a piece of SHIT!!! You are a piece of nothing cause you hurt people in all your thoughts and in everything you wanna make,
make me sure how stuppid you always thought, always wrong, sometimes right, and you never see that you´re still alive...

Dont say you're sad man... Dont say you're sad man... (huuuuuu) Dont say you're sad man...
Tell me - you want it, please tell me, you want a last dance... You're not a loser yeaaaaaaaaahhhhh...
no no no no no no no no no no no... If you want it, if you need it, then tell me that you mean it
no no no no yeah... no no no no yeah... no no no no, never say, anymore, never say, anymore, no no no no!
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