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Dominate me


Attractive, Destructive
It involves me in an elusive state of mind
Confusing me, imprisoning me
Taming me with black pills and absinth
Abusing me, torturing me
Deceiving me once again

Dominate me, can you heal me"?
Teach me how to reach the light
Drilling me, feeding me
Help me find those memories I've left behind

Chaining me, exposing me
Let me be your great apprentice
Abusing me, seducing me
Change the way I used to be satisfied

Dominate me, educate me.
Teach me how to reach the light
Shaping me, controlling me
Release the primal instinct I keep inside


I can kill for you, I could die for you
I'll fight forever for your truth
Although I don't know exactly who you are
Now I'm ready for your unholy war

Dominate me, medicate me
Teach me how to do it right
Drilling me, feeding me
Release this violent monster I keep inside

(Riff + Escala + Solo)

Dominate me, educate me.
Teach me how to take my time
Releasing me, forsaking me
Make me find a reason to my life

Dominate me, isolate me
Tell me how to set myself free
Release my chains and erase my pain
Now come to fix my evil-twisted mind
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