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A Letter To Ling Lu

Sesame Street

A girl named Dinah lived in South Carolina
She wrote a letter to a friend in China

Dear Ling Lu,
How are you?
I love my bike.
Love, Dinah

The letter went out in the afternoon mail
It went by truck, it went by rail
It was a loaded on a boat on its way to China
All the way from South Carolina
When the letter got to China it was loaded on a van
And a man took the letter to Ling Lu San
Ling Lu wrote a letter back to Dinah
And sent it off to South Carolina

Dear Dinah,
How are you?
I like my bike but I love egg drop soup (giggles).
Love, Ling Lu

Ling Lu's letter came by ocean liner
And Dinah thought Ling's letter couldn't be finer
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