Dead Or Alive, You're Coming With Me!

Set To Stun

I am evil incarnate.
I’ve come for slaughter.
I’ve come to claim the heads of all your sons and daughters

I’ve prayed for the chance circumstance of today
When a hero must learn his place
Separate the skin from bone and throw your body to the fucking dogs ha!

All that we are, requires sacrifice
And all we’ve become, pretentious parasites
The whores and the liars will burn in the fires
While Lions devour
Both Martyrs and cowards
Cause’ all in all we’re all just dead meat

Bring me the desperado!
And put his head on a silver plate!

Tentative and barely breathing crawling on the floor
Reaching out for hope in that your reaching for the door
I cannot help but simply laugh as I just simply break your back
Throw your body on the table and begin to slowly hack away your life

Hello kids this is Bodily Dismemberment 101 with Set To Stun….
“And now that we’ve successfully cracked through the sternum,
we’re going to pull out his heart, rip out his gizzards,
scissor his livers, tear out his lungs, now aren’t we havin’ fun?”

I think I’ve lost my fucking mind!

Mirror before me no please don’t ignore me its easy to see
Through all your lies
A lifetime of hatred a heart that’s mistaken itself for eyes

And if the devil wants me, well he knows where to find me
They’ll take my body but my heart belongs to my love

When the devil comes for me I believe that everything that’s come to be
will simply send me STRAIGHT BACK TO HELL
But I won’t stop ‘til nothings left with no remorse and no regret
with no respect for life or death I just don’t give a fuck!


Baby do you remember? We used to sing together! Singing like SHA LA LA LA!

Sha la la la la la don’t be shy you know
that you going to die nobody will miss you girl (NO NO!)
Nothing left to do but say goodbye
so baby close your eyes and let me kiss you girl!

Mother do you remember what you told me when we were young?
You told me “One day son I hope the wrong I’ve done
will play no hindrance in the making of the man that you’d become”
Now I’m standing as a culprit to the fact
Bludgeoned and beaten with a baseball bat
Bludgeoned and beaten broken defeated but mother do I make you proud of me?

Destiny, guide me through fear and through death!

Will they remember (remember remember!)
All the wrong I’ve done? (What I’ve done)
My darling Amanda (in a world gone wrong)
You had me at hello…
When all is said and done, and when I’m dead and gone…

Who we are is solely based on what we’ve done
For every time you stood your ground when it was easier to run
Believe me I know what its like
To be the only one fighting for what is right
Now when he’s on his knees and covered in blood
When he’s outnumbered ten to one
This is where we fight back
This is where we all stand strong
When you set Jack loose upon the world you know you crossed the line
I’ve second-guessed myself for the last time
Once and for all I’m taking back what’s mine
And I can’t fucking take this anymore
I can’t fucking take it any longer
William when I’m dead and gone promise me that you’ll carry on…

And if God can’t stop me, then no one will
Because it’s a dog-eat-dog world and I’ve got bigger teeth than you do

When all is said and done, and when I’m dead and gone
All a man can take with him to his grave
Is an empty box of bones, headstone and his name
And I’ll be damned to carry this shame
I’ve given up on you.
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