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Seven Side Diamond

In delirium of one’s mind
The glowing star
These memories with me are all I have
In the end
Prematurely they vanish
And come again in
Round and roundabout
Is this the end? I don’t know

I don’t know
My hope is not too bright
Not indeed, no.
Shine and pain
Pain and grief
So I will give away now

Like a tear drop of joyousness
I kept inside me
Please! Please don’t go now
I see some light in the sky
Turn your head to the south
There’s where I am now
I still feel it
Tenderness in grief, keep it
Shine at my body that suffers
I’ll give away now
I can’t see any light anymore this time

Like the heart of the sunrise
It flows to dusk and still there is
Shine and pain
Take my eyes away
Away, so long

Lover’s eyes
In thee I find peace
Woman’s cry
Thy water is my bliss

Say no more
During all these years
You were my universe
We have gone for the one

Fits in eternal
You and I
The silence trembles the earth

Do you know?
Do you know where I shall spill my globes?
Do you know?

Do you know, do you know
Why is this happening?
Where I shall grub my rejoice
Raise your faith.

While the birds have to perish
Just to one can hear
Now you may gape the wonder of my
Only built with my blood, my will,
My own heart

Peace was made just for us.

Far beyond where I stand
There is water, plentiful of fear
Please, don’t you cry out loud
Bend your soul, lover mine.

As your tears have no use nor do have my eyes
It’s time to sleep now

Life! While the globes are awakened,
They capture
Light! In the rain of december
One spider dance
In the way to the southwest
One pine appears in the desert
Of our faith, of our effort
I don't wait, I don't go anymore
It's the land of the bitter cold
Where I invisible stand alone

High! In the flash of my brave voice
One eagle dance
In the top of the mountain
One flower grows in the ice
Of our hope, of our force
I don't want, I don't know anymore
In the sands of the forgotten poet
Where I tell you this sad story

Shine! In the crimson horizon
My grief and pain
In the end of the chapter
A tear will fall in the ground
Of our arid tongue
I don't fear, I don't feel anymore
It's the story of the anonymous prophet

In the flash of my voice
In the flash of my voice
One eagle's dancing
High in the top of the glowing flow
Glow! Now I just want some more
I need some more to compound this story

Horizon, my diamond
Horizon, my treasure is grief and…
My chapter, the ladder, my heaven
My tongue falls to the ground.
How? I don't know what this is all about…
I don't want to…
…To tell you a story of love

But the eagle is down
But the eagle is high
In the heaven we're flying away

Horizon, my diamond
Horizon, my treasure is grief and…
The chapter, my ladder, the heaven
My tongue falls
They applaud!

Shine! In delirium of all eyes
It flows to dusk
Like a teardrop of joyousness
And roundabout…

Is that even the end?
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