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Seventh Avenue

A breeze of eternity strokes over my skin
I don't tell you from a game only from a win
Remember the story of Rainbowland
Maybe now you get your second whack
In the dimension here all dimensions end
Is no requiem which you could rescind?
You hold the future in your hand
Have all the keys to the Promised Land
One day I hear you cry

We are waiting for the new take
But come back to the Southgate
So try to wind up our clockwork toys
But no cheers from the girls or boys
Let me take you far away
To confront you with this day
You go from where you came
From the beginning to the end
And your spirit leaves your body
Spirit bodies go on the journey
Only one entrance and only one exit
At your ships helm always yourself sit

Southgate, Southgate
At the Southgate of the run
Here is where all end, here all begun
At the Southgate of your ways
You get every time, it's the end of all days
I could show you where you go to
We both know that it was the truth
Southgate, end break
Southgate, new agape
Alike what on the bottom of your heart lies
The creator not once heavily armed passed by
The guards lead you to the gate
But your case will not be retried
Ask Carol where she went
With your heart in her hand
Are your protection of a fool
For big city sharks not as a rule
You say goodbye ´cause you'll never see
Your friend - the puppet of the mighty
For father is what counts love and sin
And not always may the best one win
The nameless child in each of us
Only with it in God we trust
Now you need not to sweat with fear
Cause you could have Jesus very near
No saying, no fairy tale, but it could be one
A dumb look reminds of what you have done
It doesn't need to be

Many legends about the sense of life
Many questions about place and time
Wolves in sheep's clothing tell you lies
He tries to throw his dust in your eyes
He's not the sandman but tries to be
Does everything that you can't see
So keep your wit in about be one
Don't do what wizard could have done
Don't wait for this time

There's a better place to be
You smile ´cause you couldn't see
Life through so many different episodes
But never wanted to believe in God
Don't see the wind, but you know it was
Don't see how it freezes but you know it does
One day you will turn back the wheel of time
But the shepherd walks already on his line

Seven hundred and seventy seven
Read the bible and listen to heaven
One life, one time for all to give
Many ways, with or without prayers

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