Don't (Bryson Tiller Remix)

Sevyn Streeter

Don't play with him don't be dishonest
She not understanding this logic
I'm back and I'm better
I want you bad as ever
Ain't nobody better
We should be together
Baby it's whatever
Somebody gotta step up
Ooh baby no pressure
And my nigga know he messed up
He wouldn't even know how to catch up
I am on a whole other level
We ain't happy with'em tell me why we settle?

Fuck it then I guess you didn't know any better
Knew that she wasn't shit when you met her
You and I both know that we can do better
Been through some similar shit but whatever
Lately you say she been killing the vibe
Can't turn no hoe to no wife
Pull up scurr get in the ride
Secret location just chill in the passenger side
Light up a spliff if you like
Baby you deserve what you've been missing
She don't even care if you get yo nutrition
She don't cook nothin up in yo kitchen

She don't don't don't

Boy say she spend up everything
She keep begging for a ring
Don't bring nothing to the table
What a shame, if you were mine you will not be the same
I put the car and the house in my name
Suicide in the drop switching lanes
And this thang so juicy baby wet like rain
Got good pussy baby can I be frank
Keep it 100 boy that ain't the only thing
That will keep a nigga round I just stay up on the game
And you know that

(Oh baby)
Oooh woah,
Oh baby
(Woooooah) Don't
Oh baby
(Wooo hooo)

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