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    Sha Boom - Werewolf

  2. 2

    Sha Boom - Don't Steal My Heart Away

  3. 3

    Sha Boom - Let's Party

  4. 4

    Sha Boom - Only Love

  5. 5

    Sha Boom - R.O.C.K

  6. 6

    Sha Boom - Too Hard To Say Goodbye


Sha Boom

The full moon shines and I am changing
I try to talk but start to growl
I can see my skin is turning into fur

I'm dressed to kill and start to howl
‘Bout to lose control, I'm a mindless soul

Cry werewolf cry when the beast is running wild
Someone's stated that I, I am the werewolf
Cry werewolf cry when the full moon's in the sky
You can’t hear me for I, I am the werewolf

I'm the beast that moves
Howling at the moon, I am the werewolf

There's no excuse for what I'm doing
Ain’t nothing I can do or say
You know, it’s just the nature of the beast
No one sees my face, then gets away
I'm born to slay, don't get in my way

I'm the beast that moves, howling at the moon

Come on

When the moon is high
You can hear me cry and cry and cry

Then you're gonna die

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