Shaman's Harvest

Maybe the sky's falling out around the babies
Maybe the world is gonna spin out of control
I don't care anymore
What if I quit today working for the man?
Who said I had another, well, maybe I can?
It's all gonna end anyway
Tell me doctor, what's the cure for the wicked mans blues?

Fly dragonfly (fly dragonfly)
Fly dragonfly (fly dragonfly)

When the sky falls to the sea
I won't mind, the cause is me
When the wind blows through the trees
I wanna ride the dragonfly

Fly dragonfly
Fly dragonfly

When I come, get me a piece
I take my advice, just let me be
When the moon are turns black as night
Bathed in the fires of dragonfly

Fly dragonfly

Don't take so long
I been here before you
Now, I see you in my mind's eye

Fly dragonfly
Fly dragonfly
Fly dragonfly

Fly dragonfly
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