I Don't Think I Luv U


Every day I have no choice
I want your body but without your voice
Oh baby you drive me crazy
Watchin' you do those dirty things to me

Now I sit here and sing you this song
To tell you honey that you really turn me on

Baby I know that I want you
But I don't think I love you
Baby I know that I want you
But I don't love you

When you're gone I miss the fun
That we had while kissin' in my car

At times it hits me I really don't need you
But you keep runnin' around in my head

(Refrão 2x)

I never said this is forever (never!)
So baby don't get mad (don't get mad)
And I'll let you know
When it's time to let you go

Oh baby, I don't see you that much
But when I do all I wanna do is you

You know it drives me mad
When you're not in my bed
But something keeps me comin'back
I don't understand

(Refrão 2x)
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