Baby Momma Pussy (feat. Shawaty Lo)

Shawty Lo

Not like that baby mama pussy, know how to fuck pussy
Stay trial nigga but she got some good pussy
And I like that baby mama pussy, all the drama pussy,
I cool sometime that baby mama pussy
And I like that baby mama pussy, baby mama pussy,
Unstrapped, uncut that baby mama pussy
And I like that baby mama pussy, baby mama pussy,
Tap you see sometime that baby mama pussy

She cool where she wanna be tap you shit all way
Always with the fuck shit she ain’t pulling always
Argue with everything, jump with it sometimes
She’s going to talk too crazy, fuck that I ain’t slide,
All we got the attitude, real slick the ass small
Always assuming shit, never know what she talking bout
I hang upon that ass quick, ’cause I’ll be cost the... side
That pacing shit I ain’t got, I drop cash talking bout
One thing I can’t say that mother fucking bite dough
When it come to that best shit, that motherfuchin got it dough
I ain’t gotta tell the shit, ’cause she already know
She know what a nigga like, and I know how to pay the dough

Parkin lot of hoe, be a lot of bad bitches
I fuck hoe to death, ’cause all I like to kick it
When a nigga beat em right, down the whole can’t feeling
When the feeling get involved that when I stay with distance
I love get money, only thing about precision,
I love money more, but I still fuck the bitches
I’m always in the streets, but I never fuck the stitches
I’m always in the kitchen, but I never do the distance
I ain’t with the baby mama drama never had that before
Then fail for a cope alone, but never love the hoe,
My tack right in my cash up, so I don’t have no wish
That baby mama pussy though have a nigga trial to kill you
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