1. 1

    Shebang - Crash

  2. 2

    Shebang - Echoing

  3. 3

    Shebang - I Lost My Heart To Rock And Roll

  4. 4

    Shebang - I'Ve Lost Her

  5. 5

    Shebang - Rock N Roll Star

  6. 6

    Shebang - Romeo

  7. 7

    Shebang - Sheena Is A Punkrocker

  8. 8

    Shebang - Skater Girl

  9. 9

    Shebang - Survive

  10. 10

    Shebang - Temple Of Love



Uno, dos, tres, quatro! Oh Romeo, where do you have your Juliet now? Oh Romeo, where do you have your girlfriend now? You used to be the one everyone wanted to be (Everybody wanted to be) You used to be the one and only for those girls But look at you! Chours Oh Romeo, where do you have your Juliet? Romeo where`s your girlfriend? (x2) You never thought somebody like her would come in your way You never thought, no, your lady in chains could walk out onyou Yesterdays flowers they don`t mean much now (Flowers they don`t mean a thing) You treated her just like dirt and now it`s too late So look at you Chorus I know you know the lady was a 10 out of 10 She was a knockout! Everybody knew about the 2 of you And why a son of a gun like you let her go If you can`t treat your lady with respect /You`re not a true man for her) Hand her over to real men, to somebody who cares Who respect her! Oh Romeo, where do you have your Juliet? Romeo, wheres your girlfriend? Where is your little pretty girlfriend? Oh Romeo, how could you do this to her? Romeo, oooh-o-oooh, Romeo! (x2) Chorus

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