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    Shimoli - Dammed



Boy you reminded me of putting this things into words and save them, for rainy days Your shamefull heart and sinfull soul Oh I'm amazed by you and all that you are *your devious ways you do the work of the dark forces in thisworld and you're real, oh yes you are... **Damned, you're one man I just can't stand you Damned, built your castle on the sand you're Damned, how could i ever want you for my man i lost you now, So why do I care? You really knew right from the start, How to work Your way to my heart. And then you pulled the trigger shot me 'round the weakest You're a disgrace,to the human race With your pretty face (REPEAT * and **) Your devious ways you do the work of dark forces in this world And you're real...oh yes you are... (REPEAT **)

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