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Playground In Heaven

Shirley Caesar

It was a sad day in Omaha,
The family gathered to say there last good byes
To a sweet little girl so full of life
Wonderin why the pretty baby had to die
Oh sister reached up to hold her hand
Wouldn't let go, after all she was her twin.
Daddy tried to explain you can't hold on
God waiting in Heaven for his angel to come home

She said, Daddy before I let her go
I want to know does Heaven have a playground
Oh yes, giant slides and merry-go rounds, yes
Is there a sand box and golden swings, children laughing and everything?
Daddy before I let her go, I want to know Does Heaven have a playground.

Daddy stood back and scratched his head, puzzled by the question that she had
Yes he did
He took a little black Bible in his hand, began to read the words that Jesus said
You know what he said
Oh, let the children come to me, forbid not, for the kingdom belong to these
Yes it does
A crowded life and a long white moat
Heaven is a place where she won't have to cry no more.

She said, Daddy before I let her go
I just need to know does Heaven have a playground?
Yes! Late one night what a beautiful sight!
Twin girls dancing in the glory of the light
Yes, You know what they were doing?
Playing house and baby dolls
Lord, how they laughed, they ran, and they danced a while
Mom and daddy heard their baby scream
They went in the room, it was clear she'd had a dream
Oh yes, you know what she said, sister and I were playing a game
We had a lot of fun and then she turned
And ran away you know what but just before she ran away I heard her say

"Heaven has a playground! Yes, giant slides and merry-go rounds, yes, sand box and golden swings, yes, children laughing and everything!" Just before she went away, I heard her say "Heaven has a playground!"

And the children there were very glad
Glad to see her
(Uh-oh) they ran toward the pearly gates to greet her!

Now I lay me down to sleep
Pray the lord my soul to keep
And if I die before I wake
I pray my soul to take, cause heaven has a playground
Oh yes, heaven has a playground
Yes, heaven has a playground

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