Bowen Homes

Shop Boyz


Catch me in the bricks

(repeat 8 times)


Aye you can catch me in the bricks
Sometimes I put my guard down
Cause Im at home nigga
Neva alone nigga
Hood full of strong niggas
Woods full of bodies
Of them ppl comin wrong nigga
I can't forget bout Ty
That was my favrite guy
THe dirty dozen
Wit my cousin
NayNay played a by(?)
But now he doin a bid
Wont talk bout what he did
But now and then through a pen
I ask him wat it is
Rememba Chivers skreet?
The ole Chivers skreet
Just ask bout Kelly lil boy
I bet they mention me
My hood I love them ladies
My hood I love them babies
I cant forget my niggas
BOWEN HOME we love u baby

[[HOOK x4]]


Aye you can catch me
In some partments that sit off of Bankhead
BOWEN HOME is where I be
My hood aint neva scared
In the bricks we stay gettin money
And we quick to bust a head
Bet not make a false move
I bet that ass end up dead
In the last parkin lot
Whea the Shop Boyz be
Everybody on the grind
Post on wall up unda tree
My hood is like a circle
Divided up into parts
Catch me on the left
Aye thats the side where Its hardest
See every whea we go
Boy we ready for whateva
You aint heard the word WHAT?
BOWEN HOME we stick together
At the end of all this
Boy my hood is so strong
Shots out to everybody
That don came from BOWEN HOME

[[HOOK x4]]


Aye you can catch me in the bricks
Im a BOWEN HOME thoroughbred
And on my mind
Aint nuttin but cheese
They call me mozzerella head
Nigga Im a veteran
I spit the sun on a fire beat
BOWEN HOME dont fuck wit chickens
Everybody like beef
Catch me on the 3rd street
Nigga thats Walden
And I dont hoop no mo
But nigga Im still ballin
I break a nigga jaw then
Head out the whip circle
Shop Boyz is not a game
We more like a pimp cirlce
Yeah Im from the hood
Where the shit aint all good
And gangstas leave u layin
The last place that u stood
Let's get it understood
You know I kick that real shit
It is what it is
And what it was
It still is BITCH

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