Shotgun Messiah

wow, when I woke up this morning boys, I was gone
my girlfriend asked me where do I come from
put my face up in the mirror just to clock my wares
first thing I know I gotta get outta here, go back to

I gotta get away to Babylon
I can't stay 'cuz in Babylon
havin' too much fun 'cuz of Babylon

I gotta run, I can't look back
I gotta get back, I gotta get down to Babylon

I'm gone to Babylon

I was just drivin' 'round tonight boys but I was gone
when the coppers asked me where do I come from
one looks at my cards, one checks my I.D.
with this junk on my face it's so easy to see, I'm from

I gotta get around to Babylon

she's been massagin' all day but she's thinkin' 'bout you Daddy
an' thinkin' 'bot you Daddy 'till they all go away
so when she's up there dancin' she's a tryin' to make a buck
tryin' to grind 'em to some nightrain
tryin' to give 'em all the luck of

I won't be safe child
nobody's safe 'till they're in Babylon
I'm gone to Babylon
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