Could This Be Love


So I try to tell myself
I know this feeling can't be real
It must be a dream
Remember when I said to you
Love's an empty place within my heart
Girl don't even try...
But like a storm that rages through the night
You came raining down on me

Could this be love
I won't have to run no more
Deep in the night
I won't have to hide ooh, yeah
Could this be love
Is this what I've been searching for
'Cause I've been searching all my life
And it's time this time
It's never felt like this
Could this be love

Why is love a mystery
Why does it burn inside my soul
Is it really real
Oh was I born to believe
That love would never come my way
A lonely dreamer lost without you
If you're the dream whose light is here to stay
I'll give all my love to you
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