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Does It Feel Like Love


Baby don't betray me when we lay down tonight
You better be careful what you say
A lot of big things get said when we turn out the lights
That don't always sound so good the next day
I know I'm not a knight in shining armour
Don't want to be a modern day Robin Hood
Rob you blind or steal your honor
But I just got to know is it real enough

Does it feel like love
Does it feel like thunder
Does it feel like love in the cold light of day
Does it feel like love
Does it pull you under
Does it feel like love, does it take you away

There's a lot of black?hearted rogues runnin' round these days
With nothin' but trouble on their minds
leave a trail of broken hearts, scattered in their wake
But you don't hove to be a victim this time


My heart's on fire
I feel the night explode
So babe You got to tell me
What I need to know
Does it feel like love
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