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Live Again

Silent Civilian

Is this debt unpaid for this life I live
Felt the scorn of many others, so I turn the page
Not much left to give, try to keep from going under
Hold still breathe slow, understanding what I've done
With so many years to go
Pushing my fears aside I hail from the wounds
From my past and the many dreams that die


We found safe, live again
Just reborn live again
Almost there, live again
Hold, conform

Can I learn to give back the things that I stole
Will I ever be forgiven?
'Cause I cannot relive the life inside this hole.
Made up of this world we live in.


We found safe. live again
Just reborn live again
Almost there live again
Hold, conform!!

I will not conform now!

Constantly I am reminded of my scars
And I am responsible for starting wars
I will rise above the actions of my past
Knowing that these insecurities won't last


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