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Can You Hear Me


My heart's on the run, don't think anyone
feels the way I do now
Running wild, don't need anyone telling
me to touch ground
Her blue eyse, wish for nothing more than
to have her by my side
If only I can make her stay, this time I know it feels right

I don't wanna live without her, oh no
I don't wanna live without her, oh no

Yeah, yeah
Can you hear me when i say
Yeah, yeah

My heart's open wide, don't think anyone needs
her like I do now
Butterflies try to tell me that she's the one I'm all about

There's no right or wrong but I'm sure that I can
Make her feel the way I think she should
There's no weak or strong and I'm sure she'll be mine
If she would only care
Cause I am who I am and she's all that I want
Wherever she's I'll be, yeah!

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