I Have Known Love

Silver Apples

I have known love and love has won.I burned my fingers on the sun.
I've been imprisoned on the moon.
I have learned what truth denies.
I drank the teardrops from her eyes.
I surrendered much too soon.
I never heard the warning voice.
I never knew I had a choice.
Though I never wanted to return.
But I have sailed upon the boat
That flew when there was room to float.
And I drank out of the magic urn.
And I have slept inside the shade
encircled by the love we made.
And I have kissed the face of dreams.
And I have ridden on the glow
that warms the sky with a rainbow.
And I have waded in its golden streams.
And I have danced between the stars
with music sung by sweet guitars.
I've done some things that can't be done.
And I have smiled inside the storm
reaching higher to keep warm.
I've known love and love has won.
I burned my fingers on the sun
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