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Life Is A Dream


You can turn your eyes into the past
Beware, the future's ahead
Fate in the hands who seek control
Fate in the hands that seek for control
Just don't deny all your acts

Stand Up and open your eyes
Break All the chains in your heart
Don't wanit in silence for someone or a sing
See what is oassing in your life

We can't forget
Life is a dream
Dare if you want, if you can
No one can change
The fate in your hand
Dare if you want, if you can

A thousand shadows around your mind
Clouding the past in your heart
Am I living, living at all?
Show me the pride on your way

Wake up and see all the lies
Burn all who stole your pride
The good and evil are walking by your side
Making the choices of your life

Behind the walls of misery,
Heaven! You'll see!
The might i coming into your fears,
Face it and fight!

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