The Silver Eye


Here comes the storm, enraged and winterborn
Here comes the fall, precipitation for one and all
Here comes the night, consuming everynray of light
Here comes the end
Behold as chaos and death transcends

Come with me now
Into the light, into the night
Follow me throught life
Glowing moolight
Guide us throught the night

Here comes the rain
To chill my heart with cold disdain
Here comes the pain
To devastate and to restrain
Here come the snow
To child my soul and autumn lets go
Here comes the crow
To rest upon my tombstone

The silver eye is shining bright
On a bleak midwinter night
Lead me on throught the night
Come with me now
Lead me on
I'll follow tree throught life

Follow me now
I will follow
Lead me throught the afterlife
I will lead you on
Lead me on
I'll follow tree blindly
I'll lead you home
I will follow
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