Would You Love a Creature (Like Me)


Long legged guitar picking
Hypnotized, alcoholized
Storytelling heartbroken man
Living in the ruins of a dream
Broken dreams never feel the rain
Running river of desperation
In my heart no consolation

Memories and believes
Means nothing more to me
Than a ball and a chain inside of my brain
Holding me back from living a life
I just can't stretch my wings to fly
I am what i am nothing more than a man
Nothing heavenly within my command
With everything to lose i reach out to you
Would you love a creature like me?

I thought i'd trapped the wind in my pocket
But then she flew away
I thought that i had an eagles eye
But now it starts to fade
Would you kiss a monsters cheek?
Would you hold a monsters hand ?
Would you look into my eyes
And say that you understand?
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