Change Your Life

Six Foot Halo

I want it so badly I can taste it
So badly that I'm not myself
With devils always looking over
my shoulder I can't express myself
The night becomes a terror with things
lurking in the dark
And staring in the mirror I see eyes
without a spark
I just wanted to change your life
I just wanted to make up your mind
I just wanted to hear you say
That things won't ever be the same
It's darker, I see it and I hate it
I see it and I know what's wrong
A marker, a sign I haven't made it
Reminder that the road is long
I've taken all the punches that
I possibly can stand
I try to make a fist but end up
holding out my hand
I just wanted to change...
Picking up the pieces
I am careful how I touch
Searching for the reasons why
my best is not good enough
I just wanted to change...
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