The Only Way Out


The only way out is enjoy life
Until the last moment of my life
I will thinking of you
In the day that I die
I will remind me of our times
From the time that we come together
Of our kisses, hugs our
By Our moments alone at home
Days in which agent and traveled to miss happened
In the time it seemed that everything would end up
And that our story would end
More like a simple game of internet
I could move from Phase
Te surpreendi and did you feel the desire
What you had before, before I have done the nothing
That we separated the first time
And one that never happen go
Why now discovered that love a person
and that person is you

Tired of Lies,
Me away with the drinks?
This is not a true end -
Tired to mourn the wounds
What can be cured

Our history after start from scratch
Go be one of the most beautiful stories of love
those that never forgets
or in moments of pain
What I feel for you
is that nobody ever felt
what you see
and says "go be romantico in the bitch that birth"
Stopped to believe in the other
and now believe that there is no
more important to me
that is our love
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