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    Skee Lo - I Wish

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    Skee Lo - Vibe Is Right

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    Skee Lo - Superman

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    Skee Lo - Top Of The Stairs


Skee Lo

Ah how many brothers been charged?
Go through wires and set fires in my garage
Sabotage I`m coming to you fools in camafloughe
Gods must be crazy stole yo` style from the eighties
Lookin` at that show lady why she look like Brady?
Shady business wanna stop and look at my profile
People like me be catching girls with Kangol hats on Argyl
Styles skills I get ill everytime I rhyme
Quantum leaps stole my jeep gonna catch that fool in time
`Cause I`m Skeeter, Mr. Nine Milimeeter, with bad aim
Fame, Now I`m gonna live forever, never say die
Bronze eyed and black guy with a black eye, fat lip, wanna set trip
Dang y`all, look at my watch, I gotta shake this spot
So pow, look at this brother with stilts
Thinkin` his name was Skeeter, Mr. Nine Millimeeter
What the? holy cow
A brother hung a couple of sings from these trees
The day that I became an MC


I`m your idol like Micheal, so won`t you beat it
I`m deader like Shredder, I joined the Foot now I can`t be defeated
Mis-treated MC`s like it was the eighties
My style is tigher than a wet lycra on a two hundred and fifty pound lady
Maybe, maybe not
Maybe you should check that
Pop this in yo` tape deck, play me in yo` cassette
On Channel 7 News At 11 watch these fools get hurt
Have you more confused than a Christian reading a bible in a Muslim church
Come down to earth, now ask yourself is worth
Losing your title in a rap recitle?
I`ve been vital since my birth
MC`s get vaided `cause I`m over-rated
And if you laughed it, you ran
But when I blast it, you lucky you made it
I`m the most hated MC, just like the OB
You`ll be outy like last year, cookin` like Gary Coleman
`Cause no man, no children or woman can get with the Super
I got the West Coast sewn up and I load up your spot trooper
And ain`t no to be continuied
When I get in you get looser
Hope that you get used to losing
So shut up and start thinking
Before I leave you danglin` from my mic cords
And you hear me swingin`


Put yo` gun away, Superman don`t run away
See I got x-ray, I can spot you like OJ on the freeway
But anyway, we can do this all today
`Cause I embarass more people on national telivision than Richard Baye
Today`s topic: `MC`s who set-up for beat downs`
Sit down and tell me about your last lyrical melt-down
You come to battle you get beat like drums
And I`m a put you on the bus and send you back to where you came from
And I don`t care if you don`t like me now
You go home and tell your friends I`m the mighty one
AKA Skeeter, Mr. Nine Milimeeter, with bad aim
Also known as Skee-Lo, but you can call me Supreman

Super, Superman
You know they call me Superman


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