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Our ancestors fought for freedom,
We choose to inherit their honour.
Raising our weapons high
And doing poetical justice.
We follow the flame of their tradition,
Keeping the spirit alive
To live long enough to see our enemy's dying...
Skiltron... Now...

No matter how outnumbered, we never give up,
An army of hungry savages we are,
Fighting with passion in pursuit of rising.
Never going backwards but constantly marching.

With fire in our veins our body boils up
Furiously in flames when battle is calling.
Impaling their bodies, and crashing their bones
We shall demonstrate the freedom we're born with.

Hold on your pikes, and be ready for the attack,
The enemy is in line, Skiltron now!
Hold on your pikes, as you take care of your lives,
Rage will lead us, Skiltron now!
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