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    Skinny Bohemians - Angel Of Spring

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    Skinny Bohemians - Me & God

Angel Of Spring

Skinny Bohemians

Angel of Spring Spaced-out cowboy smoking weed Flying thru the rings of tyranny Dust and stars fill my screen Searching for the angel of spring Got to find her i'm short of time Life support is falling down Rejuvenation is want i want Help me angel to find the old one Hot looking woman on heroine My bleeding heart can't take your sin Lift me angel take me higher and higher Take me to the root of desire I wanna be consumed by your gentle flame My body's burning, my minds insane But deep down inside i love the pain Of the angel of spring From the tombs of Krishna To the house of the Lord Taking in the calm of the storm Help me angel to be my own Help me angel to save my soul Mercy be my guide I've been the knave of life for a while Opposite souls so equally matched Angel now is the time Spirits winding down Running on the rails of time What i got is what you need Riding thru the rings of tyranny

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