Let me tell ya a story about a lady
Who is strong willed and courageous
She's my inspiration
The foot hill of los andes
She grew up 'til they stole away her dreams
And so she had to flee
Life is too short she thought
I know I'll make it
To the new world
I know I can make my home
'Cause every day I'm getting closer
To my destination that's where I will go
Here we are
Twenty and some gone by
You worked hard all your life
And I wrote this song for I
Will be proud of who I am
So mama
Don't be tempted to be saddened by what they might say
To the high, look forward
Don't look back, I'm thankful
'Cause you taught me to bring out the best in me
Every time I'm feeling
Frustrated or uneasy
I know I can count on her love and her affection
Like the sun she warms me
In her arms I'm cradled
Like a new born baby
With her I can surrender
In this life she said
You'll fail then you will grow
Just remember who you are
You're not alone
And every day you're getting closer
To your destination that's where you belong
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