My Interpretation


[Verse 1 - Skyzoo]
Ridin on the wings of a dollar bill
Or better yet the anticipation of how it feels
Yeah, I guess I'm ridin on that
Caught a flight here and I ain't tryin to fly back
Nah, I held hands with the other side
And not afraid to still stand where the others hide
I foresee my afflictions in it
With no missed beginnings and no plans of tryin to kick this itchin
Nah, see the feeling is too strong to leave 'lone
The young board is too far to leap from
The conversation is too crafted for me
For me to believe this is somethin that can come and harm me
Easy for me, I mean, I follow the aroma
And the aura of what it might be is bringin me closer
Higher than I've ever been, caught it while catchin it
And tryin to keep it caught takes precedence
My interpretation

[Chorus - Skyzoo] - w/ ad libs
Never knew a feeling like this
Feelin like the feeling's priceless
I know what I need, I know what I want
I know where I've been, I know where I'm goin
My interpretation

Never knew a feeling like this
Feelin like the feeling's priceless
And all that I need and all that I want
Is to leave where I be and get where I'm goin
My intepretation

[Verse 2 - Skyzoo]
For everybody watchin me from the other side
I'm two smiles from every one time you wanna cry
I can't call it and yeah even though I'm all for it
It's underneath me, I walk on it
Meanin I control what starts and stops
And I can start and stop whenever needed, so I'm far from got
It's the allure of sittin between it all
Hands on the steering wheel, gettin me across
First time's a charm, the first time is gone
As quick as it came, so the chicks is leadin on
And I can't describe every time that I rise
But the further I go up, the more I wanna fly
And the limits don't seem to be around
So if you see me now, you see that I ain't tryin to see the ground
But I can come down whenever is necessary
No worries, you don't gotta hear me
It's my interpretation

[Chorus] - w/ ad libs

[Verse 3 - Skyzoo]
You get your wings on your first taste
Fly away from everything on your first chase
Can't deny what it brings when it first breaks
So how could you ever think that this would turn great?
You see the lines get blurred the more that you partake
Followin a curve, the more that you walk straight
Attached at the waist so everything that you need
Is at the other end of everywhere that you be
And you sittin on E but denial is enough
To ignite and rile somethin up
And all that you want is letter H, letter O, letter P
And it seems at the bottom of it all is letter E
Let it breathe, is the feeling you receive
Roll down your pride and peel up your believes
Roll down your eyes and peel up on your sleeve
Inhale and feel it underneath
It's my interpretation

[Chorus] - w/ ad libs
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