Sarah Slean

I have been in the shadowland
I heard the empty call
of hatred, anorexia
misery and alcohol

By their hearths I warmed myself
to escape from the winter years
until I saw in the window
myself crying fire-coloured tears.

Love, the only alchemy
Love, the killer of despair
Love, the patient samurai
Love, the armour angels wear

They turned away the prophet
because she was young and full of longing.
Instead they turned to the magistrate,
who was busy yawning.

And they try to sell me holy books
but i can see their eyes are wild.
I caught them pouring shame and fear
into the perfect vessel of a child.

Love's the only alchemy
Love the killer of despair
Love the true nobility
Love the armour angel's wear.

Love will make your eyes clear
the order of the universe
the only reason we are here.
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