The Hard Way


i want i need
i hunt i see
the one i want and then i proceed
to make a fool out of myself
and then i suceed

it happened so fast i cant even grasp
if whats real is real and how she makes me feel
when shes holding my hand and calling me her man
and telling all her friends we'll be together till the end

and then i blow it i didnt even know it
i found out from a friend who found out from a friend
and right before my eyes it cumbled to the ground
my permanent smile has turned to a frown

it happened so fast i cant even grasp
whats going on or whats going wrong
is it something i said or my skills in the bed
i doesnt matter now because she wishes i was dead

i know
its just the way it goes
i guess i had to find out
the hard way

i guess i'll write it off
i guess i'll get pissed off
i guess i'll blame it all on you

and now i'm back but now i lack
the sense of pride that she gave to me
and maybe someday i'll get it again
i'll just wait and see

it happened so fast i cant even grasp
whats going on and whats going wrong
are you in are you out
are you having some doubt
is it really your fault or should you just bow out

where you going tonight...with me?
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