1. 1

    Smoke City - Underwater Love

  2. 2

    Smoke City - Devil Mood

  3. 3

    Smoke City - Flying Away

  4. 4

    Smoke City - With You

  5. 5

    Smoke City - Aguas de Marco (Joga Bossa Mix)

  6. 6

    Smoke City - Giulietta

  7. 7

    Smoke City - It´s Amazing

  8. 8

    Smoke City - Can You Feel That

  9. 9

    Smoke City - Dark Walk

  10. 10

    Smoke City - Jamie Pan

  11. 11

    Smoke City - Life Can Be Sweet

  12. 12

    Smoke City - London

  13. 13

    Smoke City - Mister

  14. 14

    Smoke City - Mr. Gorgeous

  15. 15

    Smoke City - Numbers & Interlude N°1

  16. 16

    Smoke City - Remember This

  17. 17

    Smoke City - Só Danço Samba

  18. 18

    Smoke City - They Can't Take That Away From Me

  19. 19

    Smoke City - This Song

  20. 20

    Smoke City - What it Was (acoustic)

This Song

Smoke City

This song is in the sky with my dreams
And spirits high
Im singing, with your smile on my mouth
In the air you float above my house
You´re everywhere
I have no choice but to climb you with my voice
You make me breathless with your tenderness
I fly

You are in the air
You are on my skin
You are everything

So pleased that you exists
With this song you bring a tender kiss
Can't come down for a while
Your warmth is a very nice glow
Heart´s thumping like a bell in a church
Makes me climb on the furniture
I fly

You are in the air
You are on my skin
You are everything
Falling under the spell of loving you

And as the solar star in me
Has fixed my constant star on thee
The once fierce we will find

Leopards, tigers become kinder
Falling in the air of loving you
Falling in the air of loving you

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