1. 1

    Smoother - East Side

  2. 2

    Smoother - French Cigarettes

  3. 3

    Smoother - Happy If It Kills Me

  4. 4

    Smoother - Rock Her Like A Lion

East Side


Ever look in my eyes I'll take you on a ride, down, down Getting sleeping feeling fast Lost inside this world The dream of breathing into you hurts Now I'm getting into you And I feel wiiild Chorus: Meet me on the East side Take you on a slow ride Meet me on the Hollywood (Mm-hmm)Girl you know you really should Meet me on the South Beach (Mmm)My little Georgia Peach No matter where we go we get together With that red dress on And on And on And on Make it fast up to the room Forget about our friends Make a drink and take it slow, slow Talk about the things you like, people we meet Feel the sex is comin in waves Then we turn the room in two That red dress on Better move so we can taste another night And I feel wild (Woo!!)One more time (Chorus) Get together with that red dress on (x2)

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