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    Snap - Rhythm Is A Dancer

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    Snap - The Power

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    Snap - The Power

  4. 4

    Snap - Rhythm Is A Dancer

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    Snap - Ooops Up

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    Snap - Mary Had A Little Boy

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    Snap - Believe The Hype

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    Snap - Do You See The Light?

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    Snap - See The Light

  10. 10

    Snap - Who Stole It?

  11. 11

    Snap - Colour Of Love

  12. 12

    Snap - Cult Of Snap

  13. 13

    Snap - Believe In It

  14. 14

    Snap - Welcome To Tomorrow (Are You Ready)

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    Snap - Angel Rays Of Love

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    Snap - Beauty Queen

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    Snap - Exterminate

  18. 18

    Snap - Caboose

  19. 19

    Snap - Harrison Bergeron

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    Snap - Lady Madonna Feat. Mike Voila

  21. 21

    Snap - Priceless

  22. 22

    Snap - The First, The Last, Eternity

  23. 23

    Snap - The World In My Hands

  24. 24

    Snap - When Youre Near

  25. 25

    Snap - Witness The Strength

  26. 26

    Snap - Zombie Prescription

Believe The Hype


Searched and searched
Where is the justice
Couldn't find it
So in God I trust this mind to
So it's strong and fruitful
Am what I am
Black and it's beautiful
Not political
But aware
Power Lord
With a Powerful stare
Never bow down to a mortal man
Here I stand at my own command

Not a follower
Not a leader
An exceeder sharp as a cleaver
Some are sinners some are praisers
Me Turbo B
Heavenly Hellraiser
Truth from the kid make some stronger
Straight to the heart like a 12 " dagger
Way of the world
Gaze upon the black pearl

The bigger the badder bull
In the game of life
Knowledge rules
The one with brains is the sole survivor
What good is a tank with a stupid driver?
Don't be a dim wit
Really a bad trip
Wisdom get this
This is legit
Can l get a witness
Not oppressor of the oppressor
Don't rate this one as anything lesser
You don't want to hear it
But if the shoe fits then wear it
Life is tough so you got to get tougher
Get smart
To out bluff the bluffer
Feed your mind till wisdom peaks
Absorb the knowledge I speak

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