On & On


I like the way it feels in your arms
I like the way you understand
If you were here you'd make me feel
The way I want to feel

When I feel apart from friends I love
And everyone's asleep except for me
The clock, its tick takes hold of me
And who I want to be

and it goes on & on & on...

If I could be as tall as I can be
And could reach as far as I can reach
Tell me would it be a different me
To meet a different you

and it goes on & on & on...

21st century you, me, boys and girls
Is it me? or is it a little bit hard to breathe?
If you could reach as far as you can
How far would you reach?
I don't know if I want to be
A different me, a different you

I try to be the least prejudice as I can
I try to be as brave and kind as I can
In hopes someone will need me
Just as much as I need them

and it goes on & on & on...

I don't feel that our strength is strong enough
To take us all to paradise, peace or to LaLaLand
Heaven's there, it always has been and always will
I'll be here If you'll be there
I wanna see what's left to see

i can't imagine myself living long enough
to see the 22nd century, all I know is that
what isn't fair, that we care, or in the air we breathe
is all going to stop, we hope something will not

one day our future kids will talk about
the way we were or went or coulda been and then turned out
we'll be a simple name like"back then"be an age or just a page
but I don't want to be envied and I don't want to be shamed

21st century you, me boys and girls
I wanna dream and scream and breathe as loud as I can
I am watching you be I will watch dream
cuz I'm not sure if I will be
forever me, with forever you
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