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Waking In A Tomb

So What

It was Saturday night
When I faint
It's difficult to me
Everything's swing
Generalized confusion
Angels catching my hands
Total darkness
All my family crying
Putting my body in a tight place

Spewing vomit in the hands (4x)

Considering the circumstances
I was terrified (2X)
Bearing the bad smell
I was relived (2X)
Life's like a film
Hearing the lamentations

Sweating like a horse
Mosquito's target
They leaved me alone
So I woke, woke in a tomb

Strewing vomit in the hands (4x)


Trying to fight
Hurting my body
Couldn't see
Hitting myself
My face was swelling
Striving to win
Scratching the wood
What can I do to survive?
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