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Always A Bridesmaid, Never A Bride

Society's Finest

What were your thoughts
Did they consume you
Your dead silence
Your untamed tongue
Where are your eyes
What are they searching for
I see your heart in the midst of sin
As the sky burns
Burning hot as sin
Numbers your days
Oh that smell of a torn soul
Many times the angels watch and weep over you
Praying for you
But the demons place themselves upon you
Hoping to kill you
And i see the manifestation take place
For each breath fades away
Your eyes have seen enough
Shattering images of innocence
Lost the sun
Becomes a sliver and silently drifts away
Leaving you with the choice to kill
Your flesh dead and cold
As you lie there breathless
Your wings begin to form
And the whispers of mockery leave your sou

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