Bring Islam Back

Soldiers Of Allah

BRING BACK ISLAM BRING BACK THE STATE When I said no more wait I meant.. NO MORE WAIT!!!!!! No more watching brothers die No more watching sisters cry OH MUSLIM UMMAH RISE!! Rise up from these lies Rise up from nationalism pride Allah is on our side WE WILL NEVER COMPROMISE MUSLIM FOR LIFE! MUSLIMS UNITE! Billion and a half Muslims They can't make us or break us Don't judge us aside By our faces and places COLOR BLIND...!!! No spaces for racist Travelers in this life Your lies can never fool us ISLAM IS THE ONLY SOLUTION To the problems that face us WE WON'T COMPROMISE ISLAM!! These kafirs can never take us When they drop bombs On our brothers...It hits us We don't mix action with our prayer Oh Allah......forgive us! Let us RISE up for Islam Like we RISE UP for fajr at dawn Uniting under one flag, Using Islam as our only bond Its time to take a STAND! Follow ONLY Allah's Commands! Put Khilafah back on the MAP ITS TIME TO BRING ISLAM BACK Bring Islam Back Bring Islam Back Bring Islam Back Bring Islam Back Bring Islam Back Bring Islam Back Bring Islam Back Bring Islam Back No KHALIFAH? Where are we heading'? Without Islam We're stressing Implement Allah's blessing That's what I am addressing Apart from this kufur scheme Bring Islam back to the scene Let's unite the Ummah!! Following only the Quran And the Sunnah Even if all the kafirs got together... They still couldn't stop this Ummah!We love Islam More thanwe love life Got Muslim brothers on my side Keeping each other in line With One vision..... The Deen of Haq With One mission..... To Bring Islam Back! One Ummah! One agenda! Allahu Akbar Insha-Allah I will see you in Jannah Takbir!!!! Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar The Ummah was once One body undefeated Until colonialism crept in And separated us According to land According to geography According to nationality Now we suffer tyranny Since the Khilafah been destroyed We have been more than 50 states Put in place puppet rulers With stupid grins on their face Race or skin Your criteria of bond? Shallow thinking And superficial is how we call it This reality states that mankind needs revival Based on what? Definitely not the instinct of survival Tribe-lism has infiltrated our mind Has divided or lands Now tells me where is our IMAMM? Bring Islam Back Bring Islam Back Bring Islam Back Bring Islam Back Bring Islam Back Bring Islam Back Bring Islam Back Bring Islam Back Muslim Ummah's Driving But there's no one to steer Over a billion & ½ Muslims But we got no Amir When our enemies Use to see the flag They use to be in fear They couldn't hurt Muslims Because Khalifah was here So many years without a State Muslims minds in rust Now we must reestablish Islam Reestablishment is a must Fear no one but Allah In Allah we trust If you are down with Islam Then you're down with us!!! Remember these words BRING ISLAM BACK! Time is slipping So get back on the right track No more borders between our land No more kufur system to be run All of these belong to one land Part of once mighty Islamic span More than 52 nations we fall One nation strong we stand tall Waiting for the Ummah's call Once again and for all Reestablish Islam to rule all Muslims are suppose to be The example to mankind It's an obligation To have implementation Of every legislation In our daily life Without hesitation Stick to our only example Prophet of ALLAH He did not improvised Unlike our present leaders That's why there is no surprise Our situations today Ya Muslimeen Ya Mu'meneen Open up your eyes Aim for the ultimate prize Which is paradise Allah's laws By definition has no flaw So why do we pause? Tell me what's the cause Hold your applause Takbir!!!!! Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar

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