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    Solomon's Wish - Circle In The Sand

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    Solomon's Wish - Fireside

  3. 3

    Solomon's Wish - God Is Alive

  4. 4

    Solomon's Wish - Grand Scheme

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    Solomon's Wish - Learning To Fly

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    Solomon's Wish - Mary's Alabaster Jar

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    Solomon's Wish - So Help Me

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    Solomon's Wish - Stop Sign

  9. 9

    Solomon's Wish - Ten Miles Wide

  10. 10

    Solomon's Wish - The Wish

  11. 11

    Solomon's Wish - Waterfall

Circle In The Sand

Solomon's Wish

I guess I lost my sense of direction again
'Cause all I see are footprints
that look strangely like my own
I'm digging deeper the more I run
And the longer I'm out here
The more I'm alone

And now I stand in the place where I began
And all I see behind me is a circle in the sand
I'm dying slowly, take my hand
And lead me out of this circle

Do You get tired of all my confessions?
Though every time You know they're sincere
Even though I'm the master of failed intentions
You still come and draw me near


Lead me Father, out of the circle
Take my heart
Take my dreams
Lead me Father, out of the circle
Take my pride
Take everything


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