Come Follow Me

Sophie Madeleine

Hush now chase those troubles from your head. You can run.
To a place where you feel alive instead. Oh now run.
You can breathe in deep
Let the air taste sweeter in your lungs
And we could soothe our souls see our hearts unfold
If you come. Come follow me. Come follow me.
I lost myself in a sea of dreams, I was gone
I could not get through those moments in between
dusk and dawn.
And so I searched all night, singing lullabyes to the sun
And I found your face and a warm embrace, oh now come.
Come follow me. Come follow me.

Oh come feel the beat, come feel the rhythm.
Come follow me and letʼs start living.

Shadows fall and mirrors break and love can fade away
Caught up in our own mistakes we fight to bare the weight

So take my arm wrap it right 'round yours, it's begun
We can move to beats never heard before, new rhythms
Oh I can see for miles, there are distant smiles coming on
And we can wear them well on our broken shells
Oh now come. Come follow me. Come follow me.
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