Never Where I Am

Sorry Figure

Here I am with my insecurity; until when? It's hard to hide it
from other guys
I have to try to look like the same character; that one they
Nobody knows what's happening just who hurts more to know...
And here i am trying to be someone nice; still don't know who
Are these things always gonna be like this?
Someone telling me what to do and i try not to know; doing
things to look important
And somewhere in my mind everything is so easy and simple but
never where i am
Waiting for someone to understand me and admire what i'm always
hiding; why is it so empty?
Is this what importance means? I really still don't know;
waiting for something to free me
Maybe i could be where we should really be; if you let me teach
but you don't
There is only meaning in what is free; you took too long to see
You know you'll have to live with it; it's your fate but not
I didn't come for that; nobody did
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