So Scandalous

Soul Eater

Introducing Soul
He ain't a junkie but he drools a lot haha
Let's go get'em
Soul Eater


(it's on you) Can you handle us
Soul Cool baby scandalous
(i'll show you) what i'm talking 'bout
Soul Cool baby watch it now

[Verset 1]

Lately i'm feelin' so soul cool (yeah)
Come and get a taste of the hip soul food
Spice up the anime with Neo Haiku
While soul goes 2 school where he slash kung fu (Blaw)

Pretty boy wonder ultra hip brother
Mr. Anything is possible party rocket launcher (yes)
Blade runner cool shower on a hot summer (hu)
Fire starter cold stunner starting all the drama
Mr.Nice-Guy fly by night cross the water
The Ice-Guy clear-eyes diamond custom order
A reporter a guide to the galaxy and I'm
Loved by the girls so the jealous ones cry

[Verset 2]

I Be Cool like chili
When i'm chilin in the city
Throw a party like diddy
Need a girl to ride pretty
If u feel me lets get busy
I get silly in y a Vicky
(spread the) candy in the city
Like I'm Chocolade Man Willy

Got the keys to the city
I'll unlock it right now (yes)
He's so cool and cute
That's what they say lets go out
And have some fun
I can be your guide u can be my gun
Life's too short dum ditty dum
Soul cool Jus listen the the words
That pierce your eardrum (wah)

So I gotta catch up
Time 2 mash up
They hungry for the cookie
So i cook it right up
And on to the next test something that i'm bestest
Absorbing all the sound keep it ill like asbestos
U can B my tech and I B ya protection (yes)
Like Kool and the Gang celebrate soul connection
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