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Into The Arc Of Time (haamiahs fall)


[Haamiah - Del Bianco]
I'm so lost
Inside this cage of mine
I'm bound to time ...

[Solo - Pagotto]

[The Conscience - Stevens]
Now you're lost and I'm here
I won't hide
Sometimes you neglect me
But I say I'm still on your side
Even if you no longer believe it

[The Insanity - Oliva]
Don't fear my pale exile
You will not regret
What you deserve, you get
There's just no grant
In the labyrinth of life
Just step inside and realize
Conscience, my friend, is nothing
But a bare weaker's prize

[Haamiah - Del Bianco]
The black hole has
Shuffed your cards
In profound infinity
Look up and face your life
It's harsh just the same for me

[Timo - Pastore]
Will he try and chase his light?
Will he choose the right door?
Could he crumble or fly?
Withstand of fall?

[The Conscience - Stevens]
You will not succeed, it's useless to try

[The Insanity - Oliva]
For you a whole new world
Awaits here inside

[Haamiah - Del Bianco]
Where can I hide?

[The Conscience - Stevens]
The angels have taken you far too high

[Haamiah - Del Bianco]
Oh, where's my mind?

[The Insanity - Oliva]
For so long I've been waiting
But now here comes the time!

"Listen to me from deep down inside
I'm the madness
That just will not die
With no regrets of what I do to you
Before the night is over
You'll be crawling to me"

Don't chase your light
Just open up these doors
And leave yourself aside
Into the madness hall

[Solo - Pagotto]

[The Conscience - Stevens]
Now chase your light
Just open this door
And make yourself fly
In the inner sense hall

[The Insanity - Oliva]
There is no way
To escape my control
I'll take care of your soul
My power will never end
Very soon you'll understand

[Timo - Pastore]
He'll leave his greatest
Wishes behind
Wip out his thoughts
And feelings inside

[Haamiah - Del Bianco]
It's time to me to comprehend
All that I've seen was just the trend
And I have learned that in the end
My endless life will not expand

Throught the eyes of the beholder
I see my friends are growing older
I fell the world upon my shoulders
Such as my heart just growing colder

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