1. 1

    Soup Dragons - I'm Free

  2. 2

    Soup Dragons - Divine Thing

  3. 3

    Soup Dragons - Lovegod

  4. 4

    Soup Dragons - Automatic Speed Queen

  5. 5

    Soup Dragons - Backwards Dog

  6. 6

    Soup Dragons - Contact High

  7. 7

    Soup Dragons - Do You Care ?

  8. 8

    Soup Dragons - Don't Get Down (Get Down)

  9. 9

    Soup Dragons - Drive The Pain

  10. 10

    Soup Dragons - Getting Down

  11. 11

    Soup Dragons - Mother Universe

  12. 12

    Soup Dragons - Our Lips Are Sealed

  13. 13

    Soup Dragons - Softly

Mother Universe

Soup Dragons

She's in love with heaven above
Well i think she is religious
Eyes of gold and lips are bold
With a look is suspicious
Love with god his every world
Is all she ever wanted
Soul is clean and so serene
Her head it is haunted

I'll never find what it's
Worth in the universe

Confused like hell just who can tell
Confusion is a bad game
It's coming down, it's coming down
It's gonna burn up your brain
In love with god his every word
They tell you on the back seat
You're so serene, submit to me
And understand what will be


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