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Whatever You Try

South Cry

I was a boy
You'd teach me how I could bear the fear
I was alone
And Bacchus with you
Smile and drink
Although you come back
To colour my spirit
I've still got the blues
Although you strive
To heat my soul
It's getting colder
In a secret garden
She said there's still some life growing up there
And the tears I've cried
It's the only thing which shines
In my darkness
Although you try to cure what's been hurting me
It doesn't heal
Whatever you try

I've got a knack to cry
I've got a knack to smile
I've got a knack to get blind
And don't see all those lies
I've got a knack to fight
I've got a knack to hide
I've got a knack to fly high
And scream I love and hate you
All the time
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